Martha Hall Findlay Interview at

By Greg Farries on Nov 12, 2009

Richard Albert, over at, interviews past Liberal Party of Canada leadership candidate and current member or Parliament for riding of Willowdale, Martha Hall Findlay.

One question asked by Richard concerning why Ignatieff is a better leader for Canada than the current prime minister, brought this response:

Michael Ignatieff is better than Stephen Harper for a number of reasons, but first and foremost relates to my last answer. Michael is hugely optimistic about Canada and Canadians—what we are, what we have been able to accomplish, what we can do going forward, what we can become—leaders once again in the combination of economic prosperity, but prosperity with a purpose—a social justice purpose.

So Ignatieff is better for this country because he’s “optimistic about Canada and Canadians”… And the Liberal Party wonders why this compelling argument hasn’t caught on with Canadians?

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